Anal canal basaloid carcinoma treated with local resection and radiation: A case report.

Yoshifumi Nakayama, Masaki Akiyama, Yusuke Sawatsubashi, Noritaka Minagawa, Takayuki Torigoe, Yasuhiro Kantake, Keiji Hirata


We herein report a case of anal canal basaloid carcinoma that received consecutive treatments. A 61-year-old Japanese female suffered from a hemorrhage with prolapse for five years. As this symptom worsened, she underwent hemoroidectomy at another clinic. At that time, a little-finger tumor near the hemorrhoid located at 4 o’clock was identified and the patient underwent combined resection. The pathological diagnosis of this tumor was basaloid carcinoma invaded to the submucosal layer, with positive lymphatic invasion and a positive horizontal tumor margin. She was referred to the surgical outpatient clinic for a detailed examination and consecutive treatments. Additional resection was performed at the previous operative scar. This specimen pathologically indicated that a small residuary tumor of basaloid carcinoma was located in the mucosal layer. Radiotherapy was additionally performed at the pelvic cavity and bilateral inguinal area.

The patient has survived without recurrence for approximately 13 years after the consecutive treatments.


anal canal, basaloid carcinoma, consecutive treatments, resection, radiothrapy.


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