Gastrointestinal Foreign Bodies: Clinical Aspects and Endoscopic Management

M Bini


Foreign body (FB) ingestion is one of the main non haemorrhagic indications for emergency endoscopy[1,2]. It is usually accidental and is more common in paediatric population (peak incidence between 6 months and 6 years). More than 85-90% of ingested FB will pass spontaneously the GI tract and will be eventually evacuated. Medical intervention after FB ingestion is required in 10-20% of patients mainly in certain patients considered “at risk” (Table 1). In the great majority of the cases, endoscopy solves the problem and about 1% of cases surgery is required for exploration and exctration. It is mandatory to spend time to acquire accurate history, physical examination followed by front and lateral x rays. In case of endoscopy failure, surgery is mandatory. After retrieval 24 hours admission should be only considered when complications are suspected or surgery is considered.

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