Putative Prophylaxes of Aloe Vera for Age-Related Diseases

Akira Yagi


The aim of the present review is focused on putative prophylaxes of Aloe vera for age-related diseases, and its check items are generally known traditional and specific diseases followed by In vitro, animal, and preliminary clinical studies: 1. prevention of cancer and alleviation of progeria, 2. prevention of cardiovascular and cerebro-vascular disorders, and inhibition of acetylcholinesterase, 3. preliminary clinical study of an aloemannose multinutrient complex on cognitive and immune functioning in Alzheimer’s disease, 4. prevention of photo-aging and polycystic ovarian syndrome, 5. stimulation of periodontal fibroblasts, bone formation, and healing of pain and nephro- toxicity, and 6. anti-inflammation and immuno-response, excluding diabetic and hepatic disorders.


Putative prophylactic efficacies; Aloe vera; Age-related diseases

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