Hyaluronidase Pearls in Fillers Complications for the Practicing Physician

Mohammed A. Alsufyani


Background: With the growing use of hyaluronic acid fillers and the concerning sequelea of these product, hyaluronidase has become a must have rescue treatment for such complications.

Aims: The author aimed to present the collective knowledge existing in the medical literature in a manner that would be a practical guide to daily practicing physicians who utilize hyaluronic acid fillers in there clinic.

Patients/Methods: A review of the medical literature using the Pubmed search engine for articles on hyaluronidase, hyaluronic acid filler complications, and their management.

Results: There is a plethora of papers addressing fillers complications and their treatment approach. Most, if not all, address these complications and use of hyaluronidase in a specific indication, such as vascular occlusion, or addresses the topics in depth which might not be suitable as a quick and practical guide to the day-to-day practicing aesthetic physician.

Conclusions: Utilizing the invaluable information existing in the medical literature to extrapolate the practical tips for using hyaluronidase to treat hyaluronic acid filler complications, the author compiled a practical guide for the practicing aesthetic physician to simplify their approach and to serve as a concise reference on the this important topic.

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