Oxidative stress and Aging: changes in important cell signaling pathways

Filipe Nogueira Franco


Important cellular signaling pathways control the basal metabolism in mammalian cells, mainly in combating oxidative stress. Several studies have correlated the increase in ROS as one of the causes of aging. However, some authors also point out that cell aging causes an increase in ROS, mainly due to the inhibition of important antioxidant pathways. Important pathways of protein kinases and transcription factors are important to combat the accumulation of ROS, promoting an increase in mitochondrial biogenesis, synthesis of antioxidant enzymes and decreasing cellular senescence. In this review, the fundamental roles of the SIRTs, AMPK, MAPK, FOXO and Nrf2 pathways are highlighted.


Aging; cell senescence; oxidative stress; signaling pathways

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