Alzheimer’s Disease: Recent Advances

Ritu Arora, Rita Chadha Kakkar


Abstract: These days our society is combating against a neurodegenerative disease called Alzheimer’s disease which is an age-related dementia. The concern has become graver as the disease may not be a necessary outcome in the oldest old and may even thrive in an age of thirties or forties. Alzheimer’s impairs a person’s cognitive ability and gradually leads to loss of bodily functions, making them dependent on others. Plaques and tangles are the two prime hallmarks in the disease progression. Their escalation in the cortex gradually causes shriveling up of the brain. Unfortunately, the neurodegenerative changes are irreversible and no treatment can retard the progression of the disease. New therapeutic interventions related to Alzheimer’s disease are needed to be explored in order to apprehend the order of its occurrence and retard its progression.


Dementia; AD; neurodegeneration; progression; amyloid plaques' neuroinflammation; prevention; biomarkers

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