Bridged Nucleic Acids (BNAs) as Molecular Tools

Sung-Kun Kim, Klaus D Linse, Parker Retes, Patrick Castro, Miguel Castro


There has been a growing interest in developing chemically modified nucleotides for diagnostics or therapeutics. Among the list of the artificial nucleotides, bridged nucleic acids (BNAs) appear to be most promising nucleic acid analogs to date in view of the usage for applications. Here we briefly introduced the modified nucleotides and the applications of the new generation BNAs. For the possible applications, BNAs can be used for antisense, antigene, aptamer development, and real-time clamp technology. Eventually, BNAs may play a pivotal role in a new type of disease diagnostics and therapeutics in the foreseeable future.


BNA, Antisense, Aptamer, real-time PCR clamp, nucleic acid analogs

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