Short-Term Outcomes after Median Nerve Release for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Andrea Dominguez, Laura Lucía Mira, Andrea Sallent, Roberto Seijas, Carles Escalona, Ramón Cugat, Oscar Ares


Aim:to study the short-term (considered as a 1-month period after surgery) outcomes experienced by patients following median nerve release due to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Material and methods: A longitudinal cohort study was performed between September 2013 and October 2014. Inclusion criteria included suffering from CTS for at least six months confirmed by clinical and electromyographyc criteria and undergoing median nerve release. Exclusion criteria were pregnancy, patients with acute CTS and patients who were not able to read or non-Spanish speakers. All participants completed the questionnaires DASH, SF-36 and a Visual Analogue Scale for Pain, preoperatively and one month after surgery.

Results: Thirty patients were included, 22 women and 8 men. DASH and VAS showed statistical significant differences before and after surgery (p<0.05) whereas SF-36 did not show significant differences.

Conclusion: This study shows that median nerve surgical release for CTS has satisfying outcomes in only one month from surgery.


Carpal tunnel release; short term outcomes; SF-36; DASH; Functional outcomes.

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