The Future is Already Present, Like being in Pole Position

Roberto Seijas


“If you want different results, do not do the same things”. Albert Einstein. The last years we have been enjoying an avalanche of new technologies that have allowed us to change our personal and social habits, some as important as communication. Ease of access to all the information, smartphones, tablets, video conferencing, have not only affected our personal lives but they have also changed our work habits. That change would have been impossible without willingness of our part, but if these elements had not improved our life these would have been soon forgotten without doubt. Biological therapies have appeared in the last decade to the clinical field in an overwhelming way, both the implementation of cellular therapies as well as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) have brought new hopes and lines of treatments to unresolved problems such as osteoarthritis. It is our responsibility as scientists to explore these new avenues of treatment, finding their correct therapeutic framework, taking advantage of answers that can improve our patients. In the present issue there are three articles that follow this line of research, one in the field of animal research and two in human, that can help us clarify important aspects on the definition of different biological therapies, as well as the different possible therapeutic uses. On the other hand, sports activities are certainly one of the more important elements in social and personal life in much of the world’s population. Knowledge of the pathologies associated with every specific sport is also important to the medical society, for which the knowledge of specific lesions of sports will help us generate a more accurate differential diagnosis. They are undoubtedly two important issues that affect limited aspects of our knowledge, but if you are reading this editorial is that you are interested in change. This number is thought in professionals like you.

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