Nugzar Georg Aleksidza


The presented work deals with the recent achievements in the field of research of neurolectins, their quantitative and qualitative distribution in cerebral cells of different animals, subcellular structures and synaptosomes in relation to embryonic development. Distribution of neurolectin-binding receptors glycoproteins and glycolipids in the same structures, their role in the processes of migration of neurons and other mechanisms are studied as well. Two membrane neurolectins VL-1 and VL-NAGA have been revealed in synaptosomes, which according to our hypothesis are actively involved in absorption and secretion of neurotransmitters. It was established that VL-1, located on the outer membrane of synaptosomes participates in absorption and metabolism of biologically active substances, though VL-NAGA, which is located in the inner side of the membrane is also involved in their metabolism. It is considered that negative effects of wheat germ agglutinin (WGA) lectins, among them neurotoxic, cardiotoxic and immunotoxic, can be avoided by means of well toasted bread, because in the process of toasting lectins undergo denaturation and lose their toxic activity. Food should be chewed well, until it becomes saturated with glycoprotein mucine, which is component of saliva, as N-acetyl-D-glucosamine binding and inactivating WGA is presented in its active centre. In conclusion it is said that uptake of food additives offered by D’Adamo, with the ability of binding WGA and other neurolectins, is not recommended for teenagers and pregnant women, as they may cause inhibition of key processes, involved in mechanisms of structural-functional organization of brain.

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