Initial Local Diagnostic Reference Level for Computed Tomography of the Abdomen

Mousa Bakkari, Bani Alsubaie, Ahmed Alenezi, Khaled Soliman


AIM: The aim of this work was to examin the diagnostic reference levels (DRLs) for the abdomen-pelvis computed tomography (CT) examinations performed at our medical institution. Another aim was to compare our data with the national and international values for the same examination as starting point on the way of establishing a regional DRLs and to contribute to the national DRLs project. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Dosimetric indexes were collected for the abdominal pelvic examination for 180 patients and results are analysed using Matlab (R2016b) statistics and machine learning toolbox. RESULTS: The results are within and below the international reported levels for abdomen-pelvis CT in several countries and slightly higher than our published national reference level. CONCLUSION: Continuous monitoring of the radiation doses received by the patients in computed tomography is continuous and ongoing process in order to ensure compliance and to optimize clinical imaging protocols. More extensive data acquisition and analysis are required to allow better understanding of the contributing factors leading to less patient radiation dose while preserving the clinical image quality.


Computed Tomography; Abdomen CT; Diagnostic Reference Levels; Dose Monitoring

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