Score 3 Lesions in Transition Zone in MRI with the Dynamic Contrast Curve Type? A Retrospective Single-center Study

Sigmund Stuppner, Antonio Ruiu


OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the correlation of classified PI-RADS score 3 lesions in TZ with dynamic enhancement in multiparametric-prostatic MRI.

METHODS: We reviewed retrospectively 24 patients over a period of two years. Contrast curve types of prostatic PI-RADS 3 lesions in the TZ were elaborated with a dedicated MRI-software. Histopathologic results after prostatic biopsies were evaluated to determine, if there is a correlation with any curve type after endovenous contrast medium.

RESULTS: We found no significant statistical correlation between the curve type and the histopathological results in the transition zone of the prostate.

CONCLUSIONS: Contrast enhancement evaluation to determine specific curve types in focal prostatic PI-RADS 3 lesions in the transition zone has no diagnostic value.


Prostate; Perfusion; Biopsy

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