Hair Artifact in Left Lateral Head due to Nocturnal Driveling after I-131 Therapy for Thyroid Carcinoma

jiehua xu, Peiqiang Cai, Ting Jiang, zhuge Lin, Jie Qin


Accurate interpretation of radioiodine whole body scan is extremely crucial to avoid unwarranted radioiodine ablative therapy in patients with differentiated thyroid carcinoma. We reported a rare case of special hair artifact due to Nocturnal Driveling in a 32-year-old woman on post-therapeutic scans which showed a crescent intense activity in left lateral head, like neo-appeared metastasis. Additional projections after the hair was moved aside demonstrated that the activity was caused by hair contamination, likely from sialorrhea during sleep. The report enriches artifacts on radioiodine scans


radioiodine; whole body scan; saliva; artifact; thyroid cancer

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