Pandemic Coronavirus COVID-19 Spread in Pakistan in 2020

Huma Jawed


Coronavirus associated respiratory syndrome spread very quickly in human, once the novel strain was isolated and identified in December 2019. The novel Coronavirus was recognized as COVID-19 in Wuhan city of China, which is responsible for the sever life threatening respiratory syndrome including pneumonia and death. Since, it spread out from the originating place, it starts spreading very quickly in different countries, the main reason of the current pandemic is the traveling of COVID-19 carrier individuals across the world. Pakistan also effected with this pandemic state because Pakistan have a large number of exchanged students, scientist, tourists and business community therefore, COVID-19 has been start infecting Pakistani population, Although the number of infected individuals are very less as compared to other effected regions, but statistics analysis reveals that there is significant increase pattern in number of infected positive with time. According to the WHO official record in Pakistan made at 26th March 2020, total 1130 individuals found COVID-19 positive and total death 09 death were reported. This Pandemic must be treated as life threating and more precautions should have to be taken in order to break or cease the outbreak of coronavirus. Furthermore, till the specific vaccine against COVID-19 will discovered, the already successful treatment against previous respiratory infectious syndrome, can be applied at least to decrease the brutality impact of the pandemic across world population (treatment clinical trials condition with WHO/ FDA approval).

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