Interest of Socio-Esthetics as Supportive Care in Different Hospital Wards: Example of a Study Carried out at the Nantes University Hospital and a 24-Month Assessment

Couteau Céline, Sebille-Rivain Véronique, Jourdan Eric, Gouret Sandrine, Laurence Coiffard


AIM:Self-image is liable to deteriorate in a certain number of situations when a person has health problems and especially in the case of medical conditions needing a hospital stay. Socio-esthetics is a field that was founded in the 1960s. It is starting to catch on in hospitals when the patient needs comprehensive care.The objective of this study was to evaluate socio-esthetic activity that started in April 2013at Nantes University Hospital (Hôtel-Dieu site).

METHODS:Between April 2013 and April 2015, a questionnaire was given to patients who used a socio-esthetician in order to evaluate the benefits of esthetic care and other services such as hair removal.

RESULTS:Facial care and massageswere the services most often requested bypatients.This moment was experienced as a relaxing moment, followed by an improvement in skin comfort for 85% of patients.

CONCLUSION:This socio-esthetic experience was felt to be very satisfying for 99% of patients who benefited from it.

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