Sociocultural representations of the patients reached of dermatoses at the African black, Teaching Hospital of Treichville, Abidjan, Ivory Coast

ECRA ELIDJE JOSEPH, Kassi Komenan, Kouassi Yao Isidore, Bamba Vagamond, Kouassi Kouamé Alexandre, Gbery Idevert Patrice, Kourouma Hamdan Sarah, Kaloga Mamadou, Kanga Kouamé, Ahogo Kouadio Celestin, Allou Alain Serges, Sangare Abdoulaye


Aim To identify the representations which the African black patients have their dermatoses in order to improve their support.

Matérrials and Methods It was a cross-sectional study with descriptive and analytical aiming carried out with the service of dermatology of Teaching Hospital of Treichville, from March 31st, 2014 to May 29th, 2014. Had been included in-patients and 10 patients per day in consultation on a simple mode of recruitment by including a patient on two. The representations were appreciated on the punitive models, persecutives and destiny of Saradon Eck. Results 110 out of 361 patients(30.5%) had sociocultural representations; the sex-ratio of 0.62; the median age of 43.6 years and 78.7% of provided education for. 73%(n=110) consulted in first intention a traditional physicians, a charlatan or a camp of prayer; 63.6% did not have explanations on their representations; 28.18% had some on the persecutive models; 8.18% on the punitive models and any on the model destiny. The origin of the representations was the family(67.2%), the patient himself(66.3%), and the friends(20%). 78% adhered to it, 19.2% doubted and 2.8% did not believe in it. The papules were more represented but the difference was significant for the bubbles, the maculae and ulcerations(p=0,05). Lastly, one noted, among them, more patients presenting of the large legs(29.1%), the squameuses dermatoses(20.9%) and maculo-papulous rash(20%).

Conclusion To question the patients on their sociocultural representations face  their dermatoses in Black Africa can help  the support because it is a spirit which live much of them.

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