Association of surgery and pulsed Dye laser for the treatment of an ear keloid. A case report.

Luca Negosanti, Matteo Santoli, Rossella Sgarzani, Francesca Negosanti


Background and Objective

A keloidal scar is a benign hyperproliferation of dermal collagen resulting from abnormal healing. The ear is probably the most frequent interested area and these kind of keloids are responsible for cosmetic disfigurement. Numerous treatments have been utilized for keloids. Surgery is generally not indicated due to the high risk of recurrence while laser technologies have been tested to either prevent or treat hypertrophic scars. The association between laser and surgery was poorly reported in literature. In one case of ear keloid we decided to associate surgery and Pulsed-Dye laser.

Materials and Methods

We treated a female patient affected by an earlobe keloid with a surgical excision and subsequent pulsed Dye laser treatment.


The aesthetic result was good and no signs of recurrence was observed.


We believe that the association between surgery and Pulsed-Dye laser can be useful to treat keloids with a low risk of recurrence.

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