The impact of aging and estimated training status on blood pressure and antihypertensive medicine consumption

Anderson Saranz Zago, Henrique Luiz Monteiro, Bruna Turi, Anderson Bernardino da Silva, Roberta Fernanda da Silva, André Mourão Jacomini, Sandra Lia do Amaral


The purpose of this study was to analyze the effect of aging and the estimated training status (TS) on the blood pressure (BP) and antihypertensive medicine consumption (AMC) which are supposed to be high in older people compared with adults. Participants (n=396) performed the following tests: Functional fitness battery test proposed by AAHPERD, blood pressure measurement and a questionnaire about habits of physical exercise and medicine consumptions. In summary, older group present high level of blood pressure and medicine consumptions compared with adults groups (BP - 125±5/77±9 vs 119±12/78±9 mmHg and AMC - 1.8±0.1 vs 1.4±0.1 respectively). However, when participants were divided according to TS, good level of TS was associated with low level of blood pressure. These results were not observed in adults group. Thus, the current study contributes to establish the good level of TS as a marker of good level of blood pressure, especially in older group.


Hypertension, Estimated training status, Antihypertensive medicine consumption, Physical exercise, Aging

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