Functional Food Security and The Heart

Ram B Singh, Sergey Shastun, Sergey Chibisov, Arunporn Itharat, Fabien De Meester, Douglas W Wilson, Ghazi Halabi


Increased demand for food security has made the he world blind about the utility and necessity of functional food security characterized with fooddiversity and adequacy of nutrients. Food diversity may have been the major factor causing adequacy of nutrients  in the Paleolithic diet 40,000 years ago. The increased prevalence of  cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) and type 2 diabetes,  throughout the world, are closely linked to food security via westernized dietary patterns, physical inactivity, and rapid increase in the rate of obesity. The World Heart Federationand the World Health Organization are working hard to bring down the death rates due to CVDs, at least 25% by 2025.There is substantial evidence that increased intake of functional foods can bring about a significant decline in the epidemic of CVDs and type 2 diabetes, resulting in health promotion.It is possible that functional food security in conjunction with regular physical activity, can maintain the normal physiology and metabolism of our bodies, resulting into decline in CVDs and type 2 diabetes.


Foods, dietary patterns, western diet, prudent diet.

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