Prospect of Bumetanide Infusion in Treatment of Congestive Heart Failure

Anil K Mandal


This editorial summarizes available data on the efficacy of diuretic strategies given by bolus or as continuous infusion in congestive heart failure (CHF). Either mode of diuretic therapy helps in relieving congestion. Question remains unresolved whether continuous infusion is more efficacious compared to bolus diuretic in preserving renal function and reducing re-hospitalization rate. In author’s study continuous bumetanide infusion in CHF is very effective in producing large volume of urine, rendering symptomatic relief and preserving or even improving renal function. Long term study in a large number of patients could answer re-hospitalization rate and mortality.


Diuretic Therapy; Bolus Diuretic; Diuretic infusion; Bumetanide Infusion; Congestive Heart Failure; Relief of Shortness of Breath

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