Patient satisfaction with online education and rehabilitation delivery for primary hip joint arthroplasty

James Fryar, Sharon Kermeci, Rachel Vickery, Patrick Weinrauch



Hip arthroplasty involves a complex perioperative period, with both preparation and rehabilitation playing key roles in the overall outcome of the operation. New technologies must be investigated to improve patient experiences in the perioperative period. HealthLnx is a web-based program designed as an adjunct to regular perioperative care, with preoperative education and postoperative rehabilitation components. The study aimed to assess whether patients have positive experiences with a web-based perioperative education and rehabilitation delivery program while undergoing elective hip arthroplasty.

Materials and Methods

One hundred and fifty-six participants undergoing primary hip joint arthroplasty procedures were enrolled in an online web-based education and rehabilitation program three weeks prior to surgery, ending six weeks post-surgery. Patients opted-in to the program and were able to participate as frequently as desired. Patient-reported experience measures were then completed, with primary outcomes of satisfaction and engagement. Satisfaction was measured using a single 10-point scale, while engagement was defined as accessing the program twice or more times.


Engagement was high, with a rate of 86.1%. Satisfaction rates among participants were high, with a mean satisfaction rate of 8.1, with a median value of 9/10. No significant differences in satisfaction and engagement existed between patient demographics.


Overall, patient engagement and satisfaction for the web-based perioperative program were high when used as an adjunct to regular care. Further study should be undertaken to determine whether online programs improve clinical outcomes for patients undertaking hip arthroplasty procedures.


Arthroplasty; Replacement; Hip; Internet-Based Intervention

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