Hip Fractures and Vitamin D: Helpful or Not?

Marks Ray


BACKGROUND: Hip fractures have continued to be among the leading causes of excess morbidity and mortality rates among aging adults in all parts of the world for some time.

QUESTIONS: (1) Is the incidence and/or prevalence of hip fractures continuing to escalate given many efforts to improve bone and general health of older adults across the globe? (2) If so, will the use of vitamin D assist those at risk in some way?

METHODS: PUBMED was searched for related articles, especially those that were published between 2016-2021.

RESULTS: While hip fracture rates may have decreased in some locations over time, it is safe to say, they appear to remain highly important causes of disability in aging populations, which are increasing globally. Discordant findings on vitamin D persist however, although this substance seems helpful in some cases.

CONCLUSION: The body of research that examines vitamin D relative to hip fractures is largely non-conclusive as regards a) the deterministic role of vitamin D deficiency; b) the role of vitamin D supplementation. More clarity in these areas is indicated in light of the anticipated global increase in hip fractures numbers by 2050 and their disabling consequences and incalculable costs.


Aging; Hip Fractures; Prevalence; Prevention; Vitamin D

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