The Safety Of Tranexamic Acid In Total Joint Arthroplasty

Oğuzhan Aslan, İlhan Kaan Çelebi, Atilla Çıtlak


TXA (Tranexamic acid) can be used to reduce blood loss in total joint arthroplasties. Due to the correlation between acute anemia occurring after total joint arthroplasties and postoperative morbidity/mortality rates, many studies were focused on different modalities to minimize blood loss. TXA can be administered by different routes: intravenous, topical, oral or a combination of these. The effective dose and administration technique of TXA is still controversial. Safety of TXA in clinical practice has been debated for a long time. TXA does not increase symptomatic or asymptomatic DVT (Deep vein thrombosis) risk. The safety of TXA is still unclarified in high-risk and comorbid patients. Prospective studies to establish stronger recommendations are necessary.


Safety of tranexamic acid; Total joint arthroplasty; Blood transfusion

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