Massive Quadriceps Tendon Repair Using Suture Anchors: A Case Report and Literature Review

Everisto Opondo Mmed


The quadriceps tendon is the largest tendon and a fulcrum for function of the most powerful muscles in the human body and has great influence on knee function and independent walking ability. A complete rupture of quadriceps tendon is rarely reported in patients without known co morbidities. In the present case was a 65-year-old male presented with severe pain and inability to extend his right knee after missing a step while walking in his compound. His physical examination revealed the presence of a suprapatellar gap and inability to extending his right knee. Knee X rays revealed a small avulsion fracture of the medial femoral condyle. The magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) also confirmed a diagnosis of complete rupture of his right quadriceps tendon at the insertion point. He denied having systemic disease or being on chronic steroid use. The patient underwent a successful operative repair of the tendon using two arthrex suture anchors. Intraoperatively we found that the right quadriceps had ruptured transversely at the tendon insertion. During the two-month follow-up after the surgery, the patient received a full rehabilitation with a satisfactorily outcome.


Quadriceps tendon; Massive rupture; MRI; Reconstruction; Rehabilitation

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