Rotator Cuff Tear and its Challenges

Ashish Sudhakar Babhulkar


Over a century after Codman’s description of Open rotator cuff repair and close to almost half a century after Neer enhanced the repair with a acromioplasty, we remain at crossroads on several aspects about rotator cuff repair. We still lack consensus and uniformity on issues ranging from acromioplasty, Single VS double row repairs, early or late rehab, Steroid injections utility before or after surgery, surgery for asymptomatic cuff tears, Surgery above 70 years age, Arthroscopy for partial cuff tears, grafts (either Xeno, allo or auto grafts) for irreparable cuff tears, Co-morbid factors such as smoking, obesity, Diabetes nor the use of sling, abduction pillow or brace or infusion catheters. Arthroscopic cuff repair is arguably the gold standard across the globe, with improved suture anchors, simplified instruments, better anesthesia, precision pumps and RF devices has led to a consistent, improved and lasting result.


Rotator Cuff; Challenges; Massive; Above 70

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