Pediatric Gunshot Wounds of the Upper Extremity

Sherif Dabash, Chris Gerzina, Joshua E. Simson, Ahmed Elabd, Amr Abdelgawad


Gunshot wounds to the upper extremity in pediatric patients are an uncommon injury, but their impact on the patient can be severe. They can be accompanied by nerve damage, bone fracture, or tendon rupture.  The most common cause of these pediatric gun injuries is unintentional firearm discharge.  The most common type of firearm involved overall is a powdered weapon; however, non-powder weapons are a significant contributor to pediatric firearm injury. The purpose of this study is to describe the characteristics and treatment outcomes of pediatric GSW in a level one trauma center on the US-Mexican border.


Pediatric gunshot wound, Violence, Trauma, Firearms, Upper extremity

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