A Glance Over Youth Footballers (Soccer) Injury Profile: Next Step Required to Be Professional

Khatija Bahdur, Ricard Pruna


Youth football players are a special population of players. These developmental years play a key role in talent development and can build a good foundation for future success. Correct and age-appropriate training methods are essential for youth players, not just for development with regard to performance but also with regard to preventing injuries. Injuries sustained during the teenage years can create chronic problems for the player. This population is special because it is during these years that players undergo physical maturation, undergoing the changes within the body that is essential for the transition for child to adult. The rate and manner of physical maturation varies in each individual and planning around these changes is essential. Training loads, rest, and training types must be individualised to maximise progression as a player and prevent injury. The lower limbs are most susceptible to injury with the thighs, knee, ankles, groin and calf identified as common injury sites. In order to prevent injury, it is important to implement correct injury prevention methods and enhance the support and education of youth coaches in this regard.


Youth football; Development; Muscle; Cognition; Biological age

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