Osteosynthesis of a periprosthetic patella fracture with a locked mesh plate

Matthew Siljander, Sapan Gandhi, Denise Koueiter, Patrick Wiater


Periprosthetic patellar fractures continue to be associated with poor functional outcomes and low rates of bony union. We present a patient with a periprosthetic patellar fracture treated with a novel mesh locking plate technique. In this technique, Kirshner wires were used to help reduce the patellar fracture and an interfragmentary compression screw was placed. The fracture was then neutralized with a locked mesh plate compressed anteriorly onto the patella with cortical screws. By two months follow-up, the patient had return to preoperative knee range of motion, mild knee pain, and a Knee Outcome Score – Activities of Daily Living Scale of 88.6.


periprosthetic patella fracture; mesh plate; osteosynthesis

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