Direct Measurements of The Tendon. Is There Measurement Error According to Experience?

Roberto Seijas, Marian Lorente, Oscar Ares, Andrea Sallent, Andrea Domínguez, Jaume Llopis, Carles Escalona, Ramón Cugat


Tendon pathology, especially the patellar, is relatively common. Studying the anatomy and taking measurements is often part of the diagnostic process where ultrasound is used. The accuracy of the measurements is essential for suitable diagnosis and performing appropriate follow-up. Direct measurements are the gold standard and anatomical studies provide an interesting study of the pathology of tendons in this field. The digital caliper has proven its accuracy in experienced hands. Just as there are studies that have assessed the degree of experience in the use of ultrasound for the evaluation of these structures, there are no studies in this area regarding the use of the digital caliper for patellar tendon. We conducted a study comparing the measurements of an inexperienced group with a skilled surgeon noting that there are no overall differences in the direct measurements but there are in specific measurements such as thickness or scale of the patellar tendon.


Digital caliper; Tendon; Patellar

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