Review Outcome of Combined Open Reduction and Femoral Shortening Osteotomy for Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip in Children



Background: Reports of the efficacy of Open reduction combined open reduction and femoral shortening osteotomy on children for developmental dislocation of the hip. Surgical outcomes were evaluated clinically and roentgenographically.

Methods: We performed a retrospective match-controlled study in which 58 patients, they were surgical femoral shortening osteotomy following Open reduction, Zigzag Osteotomy combined Fibular Allograft. femoral shortening osteotomy and at final follow-up, Deformity of femoral head or neck or acetabulum according to the Severin,  Avascular Necrosis according to Kalamchi, Clinical evaluation according to modified McKay criteria.

Results: Between 2009 and 2014,  Femoral shortening Osteotomy For 58 Hips (all patients operated unilateral side). There were 31 42 (72.4%) were girls and 11 16 (27.6%) were boys. None had preoperative skin or skeletal traction, nor derotational varus or valgus osteotomies. Average age at femoral shortening osteotomy was 29.9 months (range, 14-36 months). Average distance shortening osteotomy was 1.52 cm. Duration of the Follow-up was 28. 6 months (range, 24-62 months); Average age at latest Follow- up 66.3 months (range, 38-85 months).There were 1 (1.7%) Trendelenberg gait. AVN in 9 (15.5%). Subluxation in 2 (3.4%).  At lastest result: Excellent in 44 (75.9%), Good in 8 (13.8%), Fair 4 (6.9%), and Poor 2 (3.4%);  Satisfy Results (Excellent and Good) of Open reduction and Femoral Shortening in 52 (97.5%).  The femoral head or neck or acetabulum were normal in 44 (75.9%) hips.

Conclusions: On the basis of this study, the femoral shortening Osteotomy reduce incidence AVN, Re-Dislocation, and and improved Postoperative result.



DDH, redislocation, revision surgery, hip dysplasia, bone Allograft, Salter’s osteotomy, Avascular necrosis

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