An Alternative Technique for Repair of Patellar Ligament Ruptures with Associated Tibial Tuberosity Avulsion Fracture

Aniruddha Dilip Pendse, David Bruce, Ramesh Chennagiri, Raghubir Kankate


We describe a case report of a patient who suffered dual injury to the patellar tendon insertion treated with an alternative technique for the repair of patellar ligament rupture with concomitant tibial tuberosity avulsion. These injuries are rare and there is no uniform technique, described to deal with this complex injury. In this report we describe an alternative technique which provides with secure fixation of the tendon allowing for early rehabilitation. It is simple and reproducible yet provides a robust fixation of the tendon injury allowing to restore the normal anatomical parameters. This technique avoids the need for neutralization box stitch to be passed through the quadriceps tendon, avoiding violation of intact tissue and large surgical wounds. To our knowledge, this method has not been previously described.


Tibial tuberosity fracture; Patellar tendon avulsion; Reconstruction technique

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