Bilateral Supracondylar Femoral Stress Fractures in an Adolescent: A case Report

Bardia Barimani, Donald Davidson, Bilal Al-Obaidi, Reza Mobasheri


Bilateral supracondylar stress fractures of the femur in adolescents is a rare presentation. Due to the uncommon and non-specific presentation there is a high risk of misdiagnosis and thus detrimental complications. We report a case of bilateral supracondylar femur stress fractures in an 18 year old male of Somalian ethnic background who presented to our institution with a right oblique supracondylar fracture of the femur with evidence of sclerotic fracture edges. The patient was found to have symmetrical bilateral stress fractures of the femur which was missed in primary care and as a result of this weakening it ultimately lead to a fracture. Although stress fractures are most commonly seen in the osteoporotic population, other factors include: exercise type, anatomical and hormonal variables. Our case report highlights predisposition to stress fractures and the importance of heightened clinical suspicion when faced with adolescents presenting with chronic musculoskeletal pain.


Stress fractures, trauma, fracture

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