Tendon healing: Biological principles and augmentation with autogenous mesenchymal stem cells. Current concepts

Nick Sachinis, Byron Chalidis, Charles Willis-Owen, PANAGIOTIS K GIVISSIS


Tendons are tough fibrous structures that connect muscles to bones and withstand exceptionally high tensile loads [1]. By transmitting muscular forces to bones, the tendons largely contribute to joint and body movements. However, continuously bearing loads may lead to tendon injuries and tears [2]. Tendons generally heal slowly due to poor blood supply. The strength of the created scar tissue is biomechanically weaker than the original tendon and therefore a significant risk of re-rupture exists [3]. Functional restoration of the injured tendon still presents a challenge and it is mainly affected from both intrinsic and extrinsic factors [4].


Tendon, Healing, Mesenchymal, Stem, Cell

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