Fluorescence Guided Brain Tumor Surgery: Case Report

Salvador Manrique-Guzman, Lucino Castillo-Rueda, Stefan Wolfsberger, Tenoch Herrada Pineda, Francisco Revilla Pacheco, Mauro Loyo-Varela, Walter Stummer


Glioblastoma in the most common malignant glioma in adults with 22,500 new cases diagnosed each year. Median survival is less than one year with high rates of neurological disabilities. The current treatment approach includes surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Tumor resection has prognostic value and maximizing tumor resection should be always attempted. Fluorescence guided surgery for brain tumors have improved tumor resection with specificity up to 98%. Limitations for this technology includes lack of modified surgical microscopes in neurosurgical centers worldwide. We present the first two cases done in Mexico with no surgical complications using fluorescent technique. This paper supports the safety and advantages of using fluorescence guided surgery for malignant gliomas.


Glioblastoma; 5-aminolevulinic acid; Extent of resection; Protoporphyrin IX; Meningioma

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