Dose Calibrate and Compare with International Standard for Linear Accelerator from Dong Nai General Hospital

Nguyen Van Hai, Duong Thanh Tai


The accuracy of the dose rate of accelerators for radiotherapy is very important, it is directly related to the results of cancer treatment. This paper presents process dose calibrate for evaluating dose accuracy of the dose rate of photons emitted from a linear accelerator (LINAC) in Dong Nai General Hospital. The samples Thermo luminescent Dose (TLD) of Agency International Atomic Energy (IAEA) provided irradiated with 2 Gy absorbed dose on the LINAC at Hospital. Then, the samples are sent back to the IAEA to analyze and evaluate error. The results compare standard doses with errors less than 5% and in the range of allowed radiation. The results also showed that the radiation on accelerator in Dong Nai Hospital is credible.


Quality assurance; Linear accelerators (LINAC); Absorbed dose; Dose calibrate

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