Propose Image Analysis Tools to Improve Radiology Interpretation

Abdulwahab F. Alahmari


There are many image analysis tools  and enhancement techniques that can improve image interpretation. In ports around the world, customs agencies use many x-ray machines to scan cars, trucks, luggages, and containers [1]. Many of these systems use imaging adjustment techniques which are not being used in medical radiology departments. This paper is purpose using of these image adjustment tools in the radiology field which may help in improving image recognition. As well, this paper will explain in details the uses of these image adjustment tools and what they can be used for in radiology departments.

This paper will take rapiscan systems as an example of the companies that produces x-ray machines that used by customs agencies to scan cars, trucks, luggages, containers, etc. The tools and techniques that will be discussed in this paper including the following; pseudo color, quick enhancement (Q), crystal clear (CC), atomic number (Z), invert option (INT), energy option (HI and LO), histogram option, edge enhancement (E and E2), and enhancement tools (log 1, 2, 3, and 4).


Image analysis, pseudo color, image enhancement, radiology, rapiscan.

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