The Study About Protective Effect after Application of Radioactive 125I Seeds with the Shielding Material

Yang Junjie, aixia sui, Xu Yongbing


AIM: The purpose of the experiment is to investigate the protective effect after 125I seeds implantation with 0.35mmpb shielding material and to guide the radiation protection scientifically.

METHODS: With or without covering the 0.35mmpb shielding materials, the dose rates were measured of 30cm and 100cm from the body surface within 24 hours after operation using a pocket radiometer. Calculate the corresponding effective dose and precaution time according to the relevant formula.

RESULTS: With or without covering the 0.35mmpb shielding material, the precaution time of an adult family member that lives with but does not sleep with the patient, a pregnant family member and a child that lives with the patient, a co-worker that does not live with the patient and a nonpregnant adult family member that lives and sleeps with the patient were 0d and 0d, 0d and 61d, 0d and 87d, 0d and 94d respectively.

CONCLUSION: 0.35mmpb shielding material can effectively block radiation damage to human body and distance protection is not necessary.


125I seed; Shielding material; Protective effect; Precaution time

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