Adult Case of Interhemispheric Cyst Associated With Corpus Callosum Agenesis

Yasushi Shibata


INTRODUCTION: Most reported cases of interhemispheric cyst associated with corpus callosum agenesis are child. We report adult case of these anomalies who is working in usual social life.

CASE REPORT: Thirty-eight-year-old man visited our hospital complaining with dull headache. Brain Computed Tomography showed interhemispheric cyst, corpus callosum agenesis and large sulcus at right cerebral hemisphere. Magnetic Resonance Imaging showed ectopic gray matter and no communication between cyst and ventricles. Intelligence test revealed generally lower Intelligent Quotient. Brain Magnetic Resonance Angiography was normal.

DISCUSSION: Only a few adult cases of interhemispheric cyst associated with corpus callosum agenesis has been reported. Radiological findings were resembling with other central nervous system anomalies, such as schizencephaly. Neurologist and neurosurgeon who usually working for adult patients are not familiar with central nervous system anomalies. So adult cases of central nervous system anomalies should be educated and discussed.


Interhemispheric cyst; Corpus callosum agenesis; Adult

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