Songraphic Comparison of Prostate Size with Post void Residual Urine Volume



Introduction: The clinical diagnosis of benign prostatic hyperplasia is made by assessment of prostate size or volume and reduced urinary flow rate. The purpose of this study was to determine the distribution of post void residual urine volume and its relationship with prostate size.

Materials and methods: In this prospective cross sectional study conducted on males aged 50 and above, prostate size and inner gland volume were measured by transrectal ultrasonography and post void residual volume was measured by transabdominal ultrasonography in 44 male patients referred from various departments. Collected data were analysed with standard statitistical method.

Results: The average post void urine volume was 48 ml in persons with normal sized prostate. The post void volume increased with increasing prostate size as well as with inner gland volume. No correlation between age and post void residual volume was seen.

Conclusions: These results based on randomly selected persons suggested little variation in post void residual urine volume with age. However a somewhat stronger correlation was found between residual urine and prostate volume and inner gland size.


Post void Residual Urine Volume; Prostate Size; Ultrasound

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