The Inhibition of DNA Damage Response Contributes to Cancer Radiotherapy

Meng Sun, Yaxiong Chen, Burong Hu


The DNA damage response (DDR) is essential for maintaining the genomic integrity of the cell, and its disruption is one of the hallmarks of cancer. More than 50 % of cancer patients will receive some kinds of radiotherapy during their treatment process, either alone or in combination with other treatment modalities. Targeted therapy based on inhibiting the DDR in cancers offers a greater treatment pathway to patients with tumors by impeding DSBs repair. These have led to the development of radiotherapy combined with pharmacological interventions, which are more specifically targeting tumor, leading to the improvements in cancer therapeutic efficacy. This review highlights the different target DDR proteins’ inhibitors in cancer and how this can provide significant opportunities for DDR-based sensitivity of radiotherapies in the future.


Cancer radiotherapy; DDR; DDR inhibitors

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