Evaluating the impact of tissue heterogeneity corrections in a commercial treatment planning system(TPS), Prowess Panther

Duong Thanh Tai, Truong Thiet Dung, Dinh Thanh Binh, Mai Quynh Anh, Nguyen Van Hai, Hoang Duc Tuan


Purpose: The aim of this study is to compare the differences in dose calculation using the algorithms without and with heterogeneity correction on the treatment planning system.

Materials and Methods: 25 patients with lung cancer and 11 patients with breast cancer were treated with three-dimensional conformal radiotherapy (3D-CRT). For each patient, 2 treatment plans were generated using exactly the same beam configuration. In plan 1, the dose distribution was calculated using the Fast photon Effective algorithms. In plan 2, the dose was calculated using the Fast photon algorithms. Both of plans were generated by Prowess panther 4.6 (Prowess, Chico, CA).

Results: The differences in dose evaluation using heterogeneity correction and inheterogeneity correction was 1.5-2.9% for patients with lung cancer, 2.1-3.4% for patients with breast cancer.

Conclusions: The results indicated that heterogeneity correction is an important dose computation of 3D-CRT plans.

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