Application of Endorectal Ultrasound in Evaluation of Anorectal Diseases

Fei CAO, GUANGJIAN LIU, Yanling WEN, Si QIN, XiaoYin Liu, Yao Chen, WenJie Cheng, JunLi Yu, Chuan YANG


Endorectal ultrasound (ERUS) has become an acknowledged technique for imaging anal sphincters, rectum and pelvic floor in the patients with different kinds of anorectal diseases. ERUS can accurately depict internal sphincter (IS) and external sphincter (ES). Therefore, it is valuable in the diagnosis of faecal incontinence and perianal fistulae. Besides, it is reliable for staging rectal tumors, even after neoadjuvant therapy, and is widely used in the surveillance of rectal cancer patients. The paper mainly reviews the indications and application of ERUS in clinical practice, and some new developments of ERUS.


Endorectal ultrasound; Anorectal diseases; Diagnosis; Rectum; Ano

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