Are There Any Difference Between Primary and Multiple Operated Chalazion According to Age, Gender or Lesion Localization?

Çağrı İlhan


Objective: This study aimed to compare the effect of age, gender and site of chalazion between the cases underwent chalazion surgery for the first time and those who underwent multiple chalazion surgery.


Materials And Methods: Daily chalazion operation lists of Ankara Ulucanlar Eye Training and Education Hospital were examined retrospectively. Adult patients who missing medical records and all of the pediatric population were excluded. 40 patients who undervent chalazion surgery for the first time and 22 patients who underwent multiple chalazion surgery were included. Two groups were compared according to age, gender, and site of chalazion.


Results: The study consisted of 30 males and 32 females. The mean age of the patients was 40.1 ± 18.2 years. The percent of male were 45 and 54.5, the percent of female were 55 and 45.5 in primary chalazion (PC) and multiple operated chalazion (MOC) groups, respectively. The mean age were 42.0 ± 19.4 years and 36.6 ± 15.8 years in two groups. The percent of right eye lateralization were 72.5 and 52.4, the percent of left eye lateralization were 27.5 and 47.6 in PC and MOC groups, respectively. The percent of upper eyelid localization were 60 and 40, the percent of lower eyelid localization were 40 and 60 in PC and MOC groups, respectively. When compared two groups according to age, gender, chalazion lateralization and localization, there were no statistically significant differences (p values were 0.302, 0.475, 0.119 and 0.259 respectively).


Conclusion: Factors such as age, gender and site of chalazion are similar in both PC and MOC groups.

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