A Review Of Intravitreal Treatment Alternatives Used As An Adjunctive Therapy In Coats' Disease

Melih Parlak, Ali Osman Saatci


Aim: To review the intravitreal treatment alternatives used as an adjunctive therapy in Coats’ disease.

Context: The goal of therapy in Coats’ disease is essentially to obliterate all retinal nonperfused areas and ablate retinal vascular abnormalities in order to provide subretinal fluid resolution and regression of hard exudates whenever feasible. However, both anti-VEGFs and steroids are also administered intravitreally to improve the anatomic and functional outcome in cases with Coats’ disease by many clinicians nowadays.

Methods: A comprehensive literature search was conducted in July 2015 to obtain all manuscripts related to Coats’ disease and particularly manuscripts on intravitreal injections were evaluated.

Conclusions: The role of adjunctive intravitreal therapy whether with anti-VEGFs or steroids is still not well-established in Coats’ disease due to small number of studies previously published. Intravitreal pharmacotherapy may find a niche in the treatment armamentarium of Coats’ disease in the very near future.

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